Dig into geoengineering, which uses technology to manipulate Earth’s environments to counteract climate change. -- In 1815, Mount Tambora erupted and its emissions spread across the globe, blotting out the sun for almost an entire year. This wreaked havoc on agriculture, leading to famines all across the Northern hemisphere. It was the year without summer— one of the darkest periods in human history. So why are some modern researchers considering repeating it? David Biello digs into geoengineering.
Educator : David Biello
Directors : Léon Moh-Cah & Andi Concha (NA NA NA)
Sound & music : Wonder Boy Audio

Trace the diverse and delicious history of dumplings, from their first recorded origins to their spread across the Asian continent and beyond. -- As archaeologists pored over ancient tombs in western China, they discovered some surprisingly well-preserved and familiar relics. Though hardened over 1,000 years, there sat little crescent-shaped dumplings. So who invented these plump pockets of perfection, and how did they spread across the world? Miranda Brown traces the tangled, mysterious historical web of dumplings. 
Educator : Miranda Brown 
Director : Léon Moh-Cah & Andi Concha (NA NA NA)
Sound & music : Jan Willem de With

Explore the model minority stereotype, and discover how it became a label for Asian Americans and is used
to enforce racial hierarchies. - 
In 2007, researchers surveyed 180 teachers to understand if they held stereotypes about their students.
The most commonly held opinion was that Asian students were significantly more industrious, intelligent, and gentle. This might seem like a good thing, but treating this stereotype as reality can cause a surprising amount of harm. Sheila Marie Orfano and Densho dig into the model minority myth. 

Educator : Densho, Sheila Marie Orfano 
Director : Léon Moh-Cah
Narrator : Pen-Pen Chen
Animator : Léon Moh-Cah
Storyboard Artist : Léon Moh-Cah
Art Director : Léon Moh-Cah
Composer : Stephen LaRosa
Sound Designer : Stephen LaRosa
Director of Production : Gerta Xhelo
Editorial Director : Alex Rosenthal
Producer : Bethany Cutmore-Scott
Editorial Producer : Dan Kwartler
Content Associate : Abdallah Ewis
Supplementary Materials Writer : Natasha Varner

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