In May 2023, I went to Yuli High School in Taiwan, through Culture Diving. 
Culture Diving is an amazing organisation launched by Han to help the rural schools of Taiwan meet foreigners and let the foreigners learn more about local life. Over the course of 2 days (I stayed on campus!), I met 6 classes with various vocations and we shared each others' cultures. I learnt how to do traditional embroidery, got my hair done at the fashion class, ate stinky tofu and various snack pastes, miserably threw a ball at the baseball court, tried a soda ice cream, shared some meals, listened to the students' presentations, showed them my sketchbooks and my films, talked about my background in Chinese and taught a few French words, and spent meaningful time with the students, the teachers, and Han, true minimalist and generous human being, genuinely making this world a better one. Everyone, thank you so much for the heartwarming welcome and I wish you a lot of happiness!!! 

上週,我通過文化潛水去了台灣的玉里高中。 Culture Diving 是 Han 發起的一個了不起的組織,旨在幫助台灣的農村學校結識外國人,讓外國人更多地了解當地生活。在 2 天的時間裡(我留在校園裡!),我遇到了 6 個不同職業的班級,我們分享了彼此的文化。學了傳統的刺繡,在時裝課上做了頭髮,吃了臭豆腐和各種零食醬,在棒球場慘遭扔球,嚐了蘇打冰淇淋,分餐,聽了同學們的介紹,給他們看了我的素描本和我的電影,講了我的中文背景,教了幾句法語,和學生,老師,和韓寒一起度過了有意義的時光,真正的極簡主義和慷慨的人,真正讓這個世界變得更美好.各位,非常感謝你們熱情的歡迎,祝你們幸福快樂!!!

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