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Here we go! I left exactly one year ago to the day!. On the 25th of March 2022, I started a life-changing trip : 
The Roving sketchbook. My sketchbooks and myself went to Gran Canaria, Brazil, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan. I am currently in Taipei writing this little article from a cafe!
In June, this very trip will be over, and a new adventure will start! I will detail everything I did, learnt, drew, everywhere I have been, everyone I have met, with pictures and sketchbook extracts and side notes but for now, here are some questions I got asked!
How did you choose the countries you went to? 
I didn't choose each place for the same reason. The global reason was : to be inspired by the country drawing-wise, and/or to get to practice a language I already know a bit. Going to a new country for 3 months is the perfect opportunity to be immersed and speak with locals! I am learning Mandarin by myself since 4 years, and I studied Spanish at school. Along the way, I was interested in learning Korean too. So far, this is the language I am the most struggling with.

What got you started? 
Initially, it was the realisation that I could be physically anywhere on the planet without my work being impacted. I could work from anywhere, so I wanted to be everywhere! I had nothing stopping me from just leaving, so I did. In the article I will write in the end of my trip, I will detail the process of working from the other side of the world! 
Where did you go? 
I went to Gran Canaria for 3 months, to Brazil for 10 days, to Korea for 5 months, to Japan for 3 months, and I am currently in Taiwan for 3 months.
What did you do there? 
I did almost exactly what I would have been doing from Paris or London. I kept my work flow, and I explored whenever I had a free time. It was like truly living somewhere (you rent the same flat for a long time, you have a new phone number each time, you keep working...) but with much more curiosity.
Did you follow your initial timeline? 
Sort of. Not completely. The initial plan was Argentina, Grand Canaria, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, in this order. I ended up doing Gran Canaria, Brazil, South Korea, Japan and Taiwan, as I had to follow the seasons, the covid restrictions, and personal circumstances...
Did you find love? of the circumstances making me return very regularly to Seoul! 
Have you felt homesick? 
I haven't felt homesick at all until 2 weeks ago when I arrived in Taipei. The feeling of restarting all over again in a new place is exciting at first, but in my case started to get difficult after almost one year of travelling. I miss my family, my friends, my culture, my language, my country's food and daily life. For this reason, I felt like coming back after 15 months instead of 18. I wanted to go to Mexico after Taipei. But my mental wasn't following anymore. 
What now? 
Now that I know Taiwan is my last destination after travelling for so long, I have a regain of energy and I feel like lifting mountains! I will soon have an exhibition in Zhongshan district (stay tuned!), and I will visit the rest of the island with my sketchbook, as usual. 

Many more things are left to say, and I'll get them ready once I truly finish this journey, in 3 months. I'll probably still be in the digestion phase and will have a lot to express. 
STAY TUNED FOR THE LAST 3 MONTHS OF THE ROVING SKETCHBOOK!!! And if you have more questions, feel free to ask on instagram or on the form page here :) 
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